Friday, November 6, 2009

Hypocrisy of the highest degree- RM60million compensation

The mandarin version of MalaysiaKini reported on Nov 6,2009, that Lim Guan Eng is unhappy over the inaction of civil society when his administration is threatened with a law suit seeking compensation of at least RM60million by one of the four developers who was asked to adjust their projects located within the heritage core and buffer zones.

Lim Guan Eng pointed out that there is hundred of press statements pressuring him but when developer seeking compensation from his administration there is only one symbolic voice supporting his move in asking for funding from the Federal Government and condemn the move of the developer.
On the height of the heritage listing crisis, Lim Guan Eng refused to bit the bullet and remained adamant not to scale down the height of the 4 hotels t to 18 metres or five storey limit after being warned by Unesco regional adviser for the Asia-Pasific Dr Richard Engelhardt.

Dr Richard Engelhardt said George Town had no choice but to follow the guidelines approved by the WHC. Lim Guan Eng insisted that the state government should negotiate with UNESCO's World Heritage Committee over the non-compliance issue. Citing a non-compliance issue in Melaka as an excuse. Apparently, the negotiation was rejected by UNESCO's World Heritage Committee. Lim Guan Eng has no choice but to comply.

It was Lim Guan Eng who, in his effort to protect the interest of developers , said his government was in a bind as the state could not afford to face legal action over cancelling the buildings which exceed Unesco's 15-metre maximum height limit. Is he now try to blame civil society for being insincere to justify his move to pay compensation to the developer? Lim Guan Eng should state clearly about his stand on the compensation issue. Is he going to fight the developer in the court of law? Is he ready to give in to the demand of the developer without mounting any challenge in the court of law?

Any right thinking Malaysians accepted the fact that for Penang to maintain it's heritage status, the state government has no choice but to comply with the demand of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee. How can Lim Guan Eng now blame civil society for pressuring him to comply with the requirement of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee? If he lost the support of civil society, he should review what he has been doing so far for Penangites!


  1. My thoughts for you is this - Mr Ong. Did any NGOs stood next to the CM when this is being revealed?It is pure nonsense where you continue to ramble intellectually with no basis at all. I think you should know one thing - if you are so good in commenting,run as a third force and see if you get any headway. It was you who continue to ramble on so many issues. It is clear that you are trying to be Anil Netto. Friend - you are no Anil Netto. Not even close to it

  2. Anil know me very well. He know that not an instant that I try to be Anil Netto. On my blog or my write-up, my style is totally different. The issue I championed and the depth of analysis is total different from Anil. I never intend to be somebody else. I am what I am. Not like LGE want to compete to be another KTK. As for you, you don't even dare to be yourself hiding under anonymous as an apologist for LGE. Mark my word, see whether LGE will compensate the developer without a fight or not.

  3. Cybertroopers are all over the place -- paid or hoping to be "paid" for making life difficult for the outspoken and those who are daring enough to speak up against the GODS. And what is wrong with more Anil Nettos?

    Scared of having to deal with more bloggers is it? Not likely, right? More bloggers means more money ma!?

  4. Prior to 308 GE, any one who commented the way I do is most welcomed. Today because some people are blind by their partisan stand, any comment is not welcome at all. Why we can't critise the state government now? Why can't the cybertroopers understand the issues on hand? Why pretend to be stupid? The only one that can prevent the downfall of Lim Guan Eng is not one else except he himself. If Guan Eng can't bulk up, blame him don't blame me.