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Imminent Disasters In the Making

On March 5, 2009, I predicted in my write-up,Blooming storms over a gloomy landscape, about the imminent of a worst human catastrophe. Today if you google for landslide or flood in China, you might start to wonder whether my prediction has came true or not. China has more than 85,000 reservoirs, of which 30,000 have serious problems. Will China survive the onslaught of the extreme rainfall in coming months? The safety of reservoirs is the main concern now, this is the lesson of how the chinese think they are too smart that they can overcome nature, yet discard the ancient knowledge about thier land, astronomy and meteorology. Fool! I see disaster in the making whether by nature or by human being. Everyday my life get too excited with a lot of events unfold while the rest of the world still in complacent without realising imminent disasters are in the making.
According to ancient meteorology of Huang Di Nei Jing or Yellow Emperor Inner Classic, we will face the onslaught of above average rainfalls begin from March to end of September





Wind Season


20 Jan to 20March



Windy weather that turns abnormally hot as Mars moves throughOx and Girl asterms from Feb to March. Rainfalls after
extreme hot weather that marked by heat stroke.

Warm Season


21 March to 20 May



This is the period of continuous rainfalls. Remember the floods that occurred in Sarawak and Australia, it will be here.

Hot Season


21 May to 22 July



Mars is expected to move through Wall and Legs asterims from May to June. Weather will turn abnormally hot, marked by more heat stokes and by elections. This is the months if you pray harder more politicians will die of heart attack, more by elections. You can call year 2009 the year of by elections. After extreme hot weather, rainfalls will follow.

Mars and Venus were in striking conjunction on the morning of June 19, just two degrees apart, or the equivalent of four full-moon disks. Mercury which use to get lost in the glare of the dawn, will be easily spotted. This event signalling the coming of heavy rainfall. As Venus move eastward at a great speed from Mars, rainfall will gradually become heavy and heavier. (Lastest Update)

Humid Season 大暑到秋分

23 July to23 Sept



This is another period of heavy rainfalls. Flooding will last until end of September.

If this happened in the place called Wenchuan, the dams damaged by 2008 earthquake might collapse with cascading effect due to overwhelming volume of water. You better pray that my prediction will not come true, as this will be one of the worst human catastrophes.

The Earthquake in Yunnan on July 10, the flooding on South China on July 4 and the report of heavier than usual rainfall in coming weeks confirmed my fear of the worst human catastrophes in the making.

More rains are expected in Sichuan, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces and Chongqing Municipality, according to weather forecast.

The torrential downpour, which continued for three days, flooded the banks of Rongjiang River, forcing 47,000 people of Rongshui County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of south China to leave their houses.

Another 7,509 people living below Guangxi region's Kama reservoir were evacuated for fear that the dam might collapse as water flow had destroyed a section of a dyke near the base of the reservoir.

Several houses in the rural areas were also destroyed in the flood, while farmlands were inundated and crops damaged.
It has been estimated that rains have caused about $21 billion in damages.

Earlier Xinhua had reported that 20 people had died and eight were missing in the flood.

With water levels of some rivers in Gaungxi touching the highest since 1998, China experienced worst flooding in over 100 years.

What the China government did not tell the world is that China has to release dam water at upstream areas at faster rate to prevent the collapse of dams, which might have cascading effect to the dams at lower stream areas. The flooding at Guangxi will continue to get worst, either the dams at WenChuan areas collapse or Guangxi will go under the water, the choice has to be made.

In summer and early autumn much of the heavy rain is brought by typhoons, or tropical cyclones, that move north from the South China Sea or the region east of the Philippines. A double rainfall maximum is to be expected; one in early summer, the so-called Bai-U or plum rains, and a second in late summer or early autumn, brought by typhoons.

If heavy rainfall continued in the first week of August, on August 5, the danger of serious flooding will be made worse by the pull from the moon. This day is of significant because on the night of August 6, you can see the Moon is close to Jupiter, the two celestial wanderer are about 2.3 degrees away from each other. How Jupiter affect the pull from the moon will decide how badly the flooding will be.

(Lastest Update)

Lim Guan Eng better be prepared for the worst landslide to occur in Penang. If my prediction comes true, he probably will be under tremendous pressure to resign as Chief Minister of Penang for his
stand on hill slope development.

From August 25 to September 1, Venus will pass thru' the Ghost asterim. As this year is the year of excessive heat, the flu pandemic will reach it's peak. If human being still choose to believe their doctors and scientists that flu vaccination is the best cure, we will witness a man make disaster that will be as bad as the one in 1918 where 50 million people around the globe die of flu vaccination. If you think the present media hype about H1N1 will not bring about mandatory vaccination, you are probably the greatest fool in the world. The governments, WHO, CDC and drug companies already working hand in hand to introduce mandatory vaccination by spinning on fear of H1N1. If you think the vaccination is safe, please roll up your sleeve and get a flu shot. It is plain easy, but whether you will be alive to tell story, I would like to wait and see. Tamiflu has caused the current death toll of flu patients, there is no basis to use it to treat flu. You don't treat flu with a vaccine. Read the official disclaimer in the Tamiflu official site about Tamiflu and different strains of flu. Don't try to be stupid and influence by the media, the Health Ministry, MMA, Liow Tiong Lai and Lim Kit Siang. They all know nut and talk non-sense about H1N1. If there is one thing you should do, try to get Liow Tiong Lai and Lim Kit Siang a flu shot. You might just get rid of them from our political landscape forever.

Dry Season


24 Sept to

21 Nov



Under normal circumstances, by this time the rainfall should be less and the atmosphere will become dry. But due to the cooler than normal temperature at the stratosphere, the different of temperature between  ground surface and the stratosphere will cause  the mass of air to become warmer and lighter than the air in the surrounding environment, and just like a hot air balloon it begins to rise, expand, and cool.  As it reach the strarosphere it will reach the drewing point and form stratus clouds which are thick, layered and cover most of the sky. As they grow thicker and become dark nimbostratus clouds,  rainfall occur.  This explained why until now, heavy rainfall  continue to occur as the clouds are formed at a faster rate.

After months of heavy rainfall, the soil have become saturated, this increase the chances of more mudslides or landslides to occur. For those who campaign to stop wanton hill cutting, this is the time to exert pressure on the power that be to enact legislation to protect our hills. Penangites should make LGE responsible for any mudslides or landslides that occured, as LGE has refused to curb wanton hill cutting by closing his eyes; allowing developers to flout the rule without punity.

Cold Season


22 Nov to

19 Jan


Table 1: Weather patterns of the year 2009 (戊寅)

Aim point RA: 21h 17m 16s Dec: −18°16'59" Sun 2009 Feb 15 15:26 UTC

Figure 1: Mars was in the ox asterim on Feb 15, clashed with Mercury in the Capricorn constellation, signaling bad weather that is abnormally hot and follows by heavy rainfalls

Aim point RA: 1h 50m 41s Dec: +12°47'38" Fri 2009 Jun 5 15:38 UTC

Figure 2: Mars will be in Legs asterim on June 5, signaling abnormally hot weather.

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