Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Price Hike - Time for Change

A worried Badawi prays for his political future after price hike?

The government’s decision to allow the unprecedented hefty price hike of petrol and electricity is tantamount to gross negligence in fulfilling their responsibility as the government of the day.

This is a clear breach of Badawi's election promise ; no price hike this year! It is time for Anwar to fulfill his promise; taking over the federal government! The people have lost confidence in the present day government. Barisan National finally proved that it know nuts about running a country.

Instead of the anti-inflation committee unveiling anti-inflation measures, this committee is doing the opposition, accelerating the price hike of everything in this country. Don't forget, this is just the beginning of the nightmare unleashed by Badawi, by August when the price of petrol is left to float according to market demand, we will be paying more! RM4.00 or RM8.00.

Our first class world city, KL, until now still has no proper public transport system. Without improving public transport system, and measures to encounter inflation, by only allow petrol price hike, it just shown the incompetent policy making of Badawi. Badawi will be remembered as the most incompetent prime minister of Malaysia or Father of Incompetence.

For the financial year ended March 31, 2007 (FY07), Petronas posted a net profit of RM46.4bil, up 7.7% from RM43.1bil in FY06

Since the power tariff increase in 2006, TNB's profit for financial year 2007 hit record high, sours 88% to RM4.1 billion.

The rakyat want to know why whenPetronas and TNB are making indecently huge profits, malaysians are make to pay for the hefty price hike. Together we must demand that the government make public the account of Petronas and TNB, how much revenues and profits they made since world petrol price hike.

We can’t allow this crisis of confidence over the government of the day to go on. I call on all right thinking MPs to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat Coalition and form a new government as soon as possible.

Change, change, change. The people want change; change of the government, change of policy, change of prime minister, change we can believe in. Anwar where are you?????

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