Wednesday, March 19, 2014

KLM836 mistaken as MH370 by our military

First snapshot shown you that KL836/KLM836 near Pulau Perak at 2.34am on March 8,2014.

The second snapshot shown you that KL836/KLM836 was at the vicinity of Pulau Perak at 240am local time or 1840UTC.

The third snapshot shown that at this stage onward, KLM836 lost connection with ACARS and it start to ping the Imarstat satellite, telling the monitoring tower the plane was still up and running. When you assume that KLM836 is MH370, then you claimed it was MH370 that sent the "Ping". When the plane lost connection with ACARS it will not show up in the screen anymore. At certain part of the journey, plane lost connection with ACARS because of no signal coverage. 

Even without the transponder or ACARS , the radar at Penang or Langkawi international airports, Alor Setar airport should still be able to detect the plane if the military radar can detect it, except there is no flight number to identified the plane. Why the radar at Penang or Langkawi international airports failed to detect anything except KLM836? It is because the military has mistaken KLM836 as MH370.

Phuket and Hat Yai International Airports also did not detect MH370 as the Malaysia military radar, both only detect KLM836 like Penang or Langkawi international airports or Alor Setar airport. All this are consistent evidences to prove that the plane detected is KLM836 not MH370.

The truth like I shown you with proof from is that the KLM836 has been mistaken as MH370. It is ashamed for our military to make wild and unverified claim about the detection of MH370.

Until today there is no evidence to show that MH370 has crossed over to the strait of
Melacca. Why the BULLSHIT?

There is no hijacking or suicide attempt except someone try to stop the search and rescue operation at South China Sea. Why? According to conspiracy theory, MH370 might be shot by military jet forcing it to land at the sea.

One thing that puzzling me is why ask the military radar about any missing plane. The military radars only detect an object or plane without the ability to identify it. Why not verify it with civilian airport radars? Why not ask Penang International airport, Langkawi International airport, Alor Setar airport, Phuket International airport or Hat Yai International airport? Those are the airport with radar compliment by ACARS to identify the plane. Why all the radars from all those airports can’t detect MH370 as an unidentified plane if the transponder or ACARS were switched off?

Normal procedure is that if the radar of civilian airport detected unidentified plane, it will inform the military, the military will then used it’s radar to find the plane and try to intercept it. You don't simply intercept any plane without the notice from the airports, unless you are engaged in war. But this never happened at all. All the radars of civilian airports of the Northern region failed to detect any unidentified plane!

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