Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sindhu (天竺) The lost civilization

Where is Sindhu (天竺)? Sindhu is not India. Sindhu is the lost civilization of South East Asia. Before the ice age, there was a big piece of continent linking Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Borneo and Indonesia together. What is the significant of Sindhu ? Sindhu is the origin of Mahayana Buddhism. Contrary to general belief that Buddhism is originated from India, it actually originated from Sindhu.

Sanskrit was the the only language of the continent as all the artifacts unearthed consist of only Sanskrit language. The Javanese language or Malay language was originally Sanskrit. The old Javanese language basically only influenced by Sanskrit but no other India languages. This is the living clue that pointed to the Hypnosis that Buddhism originated from South East Asia.

The history of Buddhism is far beyond Gautama Buddha. No civilization in India match the duration of Buddha civilization. The only explanation is that it came from somewhere else not India.

<<海國圖志>>, a Chinese journal recorded the locations of Sravasti and Sindhu. Sravasti was the place where Gautama spent most of his life. The journal recorded that Sindhu the name of two tiny islands off Johor shore. <<星搓胜览>>, another journal recorded that Panduranga is Sravasti at the southern part of present Vietnam . It also recorded about Sindhu left with two tiny island, i.e Pulau Aur and Pulau Dayang.

The truth is Sindhu is the part of the Sundaland platform that has been submerged under the sea water. Sindhu was the empire of the Cham people. It was submerged under sea water overnight like the legend of Atlantis. A gigantic Tsunami might had wiped up everything on the submerged Sundaland platform. After the great flood, the survivals spread in all directions. Some spread to southern Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine and other vicinity. The Malay in Malaysia are basically the Cham people, so are the Indonesians people.

It is no surprise if Gautama is not an Indian but a Malay or Cham. It is no surprise that the lost civilization in South East Asia is the Buddha civilization. It is not surprise if Malaysia was part of the Great Sindhu empire.

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