Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Royal Paulownia Tree Grows up to 30 ft in 3 years and fills with Lush Flowers!

Royal Paulownia trees can reach roof height the very first year. People will be fascinated by the first year growth rate of up to 10 feet or more. Some Paulownia Trees grow over 20 feet in one season.

Paulownia trees are one of the most valuable hardwoods grown in the US. Much of this wood is shipped to Japan where they revere Paulownia for its beauty and pay large sums for it.

Traditionally, when Japanese couples have a daughter, they plant a Paulownia tree. When the daughter is ready to marry, they cut down the tree and make a dowry chest, furniture and other items out of it for wedding gifts. Paulownia trees are believed to bring Good Fortune to the household and all who enter.Ancient Lore has it, that when the legendary Phoenix flew across the Orient, it would only land on Paulownia Trees… bringing prosperity and wisdom to those who were near.

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