Saturday, January 2, 2010

PICC - A Monument of Lim Guan Eng?

Where is the market study, cash flow estimates, economic impact analysis? No information what so ever regarding the physical site inspection? Any analysis of local and regional economic and demographic information? Any discussion with local area and regional hotel/conference center operators? Is there any gathering and compilation of data from national convention industry research firms and publications? Any discussion with representatives of hotel and convention center management companies?

Without analyses that based on estimates, assumption and other research of the market, knowledge of the industry, information regarding the project, how on earth the public and MPPP going to comment and participate in the decision making? This is purely a decision of a single individual who has no knowledge of the industry.

LGE totally disregard our right to know when he make the decision to build the PICC.

We need to see the financial analyses and forecast. What are the legal, engineering and regulatory requirements applicable to the project, including zoning, and other state and local government regulations, permits and licenses. Is there any effort being made to determine the possible effect of the project on PISA, present, and future federal, state and local legislation, including environmental or ecological matters, compliance with Manual Saliran Mesra Alam or interpretation thereof?

We need to know the market demand analyses, the cash flow estimates, the economic impact analyses, the potential impact of any sharp rise or decline in local economy and general economic conditions, to see whether the project is viable or not. Without all these information, how the state government come to the decision to direct the MPPP to build the PIGG will be a puzzle to the public. The so call public hearing or feedback is just for show. The decision already been made to proceed with the building of PICC, LGE is misleading the public again.

We need the state government to conduct market study based on the following methods:
1) Identifying local and regional competitive supply and comparable convention centers throughout the nation
2) Identifying and interviewing sources of demand
3) Identifying and characterising samples of potential users of convention facilities in the nation and neighboring nations.
4) Interviewing and gathering relevant data from various government entities and research firms and publications

The state government need to analyse the potential market support. Is there any upscale, full service, chain affiliated hotel with sufficient guest rooms and more than adequate meeting space in the neighborhood?

All these need time to prepare the analyses, but LGE, a super performer, can do it in less than a year. You sincerely believe that he ever do his home work? Another example of bad politician who only know how to listen to developers instead of the people.

LGE is desperate to show off. He think he can. The truth is he know nothing. He claimed that he save money for Penang but want to waste our money on a project that he himself is convinced will not bring financial return to the state government. There are better convention centers else where what make LGE think that with this new convention center more exhibition will be held in Penang? Dubai has the best but on the edge of bankruptcy. The world is still holding its breath in anticipation of the upcoming financial crisis in the backdrop of Dubai financial woes. Why should we so hurry to commit ourselves on a project we can’t afford when we can’t foresee even the nearest future of the world financial health?

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  1. 算了吧,王兄!人家林大人现在不但听不进逆耳的忠言,而且还会标签你是政敌!什么以民为本,把自己的办公室大门关起来就叫以民为本!