Sunday, September 20, 2009

Worthless as a barrel of monkey nuts

Since August 2001, all municipal waste are shipped to Pulau Burung by barge via the transfer station located at Batu Maung.  On 9 Sept more than a hundred garbage trucks could not off load the garbage at Batu Maung waste transfer station as there is a shortage of garbage bins. The shortage is due to the breakdown of 4 lorries, which were transporting garbage from the barge jetty in Pulau Burung to the sanitary landfill. The breakdown caused the bins on the lorries unable to ship back to Batu Maung. 

The initial response from the state government was to dump all the garbage in the Jelutong landfill. This however was prevented by the police as only construction waste were allowed to dump in the Jelutong landfill. The garbage trucks contractors were then instructed to go directly to Pulau Burung provided they do not scatter any rubbish on Penang Bridge. It seem like this condition is not accepted by the contractors and all the garbage are allowed to be dumped at the Batu Maung transfer station while the state government is looking for a solution. However the state government ask for a 45 days timeframe to address the issue. Penang generated about 700 tons of municipal waste daily excluding 428 tons of construction & demolition waste a day. Given the delay of 45 days, the amount of accumulated garbage will be 45x700 or 31500 tons. 

The daily capacity of the barge is 1000 tons that means it will take 105 days to clear all the garbage dumped at the transfer point.  It is totally unacceptable for the state government to allow leachate to pollute our sea and the unbearable stench to affect the nearby residents for more than a hundred days.

The readiness of Lim Guan Eng to dump the garbage at the Jelutong landfill means that he is ever prepare to flout the rule by closing his eyes. His request for a 45 days timeframe speak volume about his ability in problem solving.  Lim Guan Eng is just as incompetent and worthless as his predecessor, Koh Tzu Koon. A big disappointment for those who voted for change. I have predicted about the possible stabotage of BN by  transforming Penang to become Darul Sampah. The first thing after March 8 election I asked all Pakatan state government to do is to plan for an alternative solid waste management without rely on the federal government. Unfortunately, my advice fall on deaf ears.  Now without the stabotage of BN, Lim Guan Eng is turning Penang to be Darul Sampah on his own accord. If Lim Guan Eng unable to bulk up, his continued position as Cheap Minister of Darul Sampah could prove  disasterous to Penang.

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