Monday, June 15, 2009

Modern Medicine - Science or Hoax

One of the most significant events that has high impact on our daily life and health is when Mars and Venus come closer to each other. On the morning of June 19, both will make a striking conjunction. The current heat spell will reach its peak on that day before the temperature slowly decrease to normal. The swine flu that modern scientists do not know come from where is actually triggered by the current heat spell which is caused by both the Mars and Venus when they get closer to each other. During the heat spell, you will tend to lose your Ki energy by heat dissipation. When you catch a flu, this will accelerate the flu to reach the stage of tai ying.

Volume 15 Issue 6June 2009
Planet Watch -- Keeping Track of the Visible Planets
Mercury is visible before sunrise over the eastern horizon as it moves near the stars of the Pleiades. Mercury remains visible nearly the entire month and will reach western elongation on the 13th.
Venus , like Mars' is located below the stars of Aries as this part of the sky rises before sunrise in the east. Watch Venus move eastward toward Mars this month as they both 'race' toward the stars of the Pleiades.
Mars shines dimly just down to to the right from the considerably brighter Venus. As Mars moves eastward the more quickly moving Venus will catch up with and overtake Mars. Both will make a striking conjunction with the thin waning crescent Moon on the morning of the 19th.
Jupiter starts the month rising around midnight local time and by the end of the month it will be rising shortly after sunset as it moves toward opposition next month. Jupiter is low over the southwestern at sunrise.
Saturn remains east of Regulus and follows it each day as they slowly move toward the western horizon at sunset local time. Both Saturn and Regulus are visible over the southwestern horizon at sunset this month.

To the ancient people, the swine flu is just a normal flu that went untreated and go diarray from the meridian of tai yang to the meridian of tai ying, where other than the normal symptoms of flu, the patient also suffered from vomiting and diarrhea. When a patient reached this stage of flu and is treated with Tamiflu, I can guarantee you that the passage to the netherwolrd will be wide open. Modern medicine is sad to note has been reduced to hearsay, rumour and fear mongering to help drug industries rake in billion of dollars.

Modern people do not understand anymore how the movement of planets can caused the weather change on Planet Earth. Blaming pig, bird and others including GOD that can't defend themselves is the norm of modern medicine. Why we have become so ignorance now is because a few hundred years ago, the church with the collusion of the mohammedan had purposely distorted the ancient oriental calendar causing the future generation unable to understand ancient oriental astronomy and ancient oriental science. The Ching dynasty was built with the promise to distort the ancient oriental calendar when the Ming dynasty refused to obey to the demand of the church and the mohammedans. Now is the pay back time, the people are suffering for a historical mistake of bad politicians.

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