Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Death Begins In The Colon

Toxic Cleansing referring to the cleansing of colon of accumulated toxic build-up and prevent the formation of new build-up through the use of herbal dietary fiber. This so called cure for all solution has been promoted as modern way of preventive medication.

Proponents of toxic cleansing claim that it is essential for us to cleanse our body of so called pollutions from our stool.  They claim that "Death Begins In The Colon". 

The Truth

The truth is if you start to cleanse your colon regularly or on daily basis, you will most likely end up with a dehydrated colon! 

How do you know whether your bowel movements are healthy?

Symptoms of healthy stool: A person with a healthy colon will pass stools that are soft, unformed and fairly large. Healthy stool floats, has little odor and is normally about the color of honey, assuming one has not eaten a food that temporarily colors stool, like beets. 

Symptoms of unhealthy stool: Unhealthy bowel movements, on the other hand, may be stringy or hard pellets, or there may be diarrhea. The stool may contain undigested food, mucus or parasites. While slight mucus may be considered normal, noticable mucus is not a healthy thing to see in bowel movements.

The general belief that colon cleansing or detoxification is good for the body and also a good solution for slimming is the most misleading claim. Long term usage of herbal dietary fiber like psyllium husk will have side effect that caused dehydrated colon which come together with symptoms like allergies,  dry skin, and other respiratory problem. All these problems will eventually lead to kidney problem or colon cancer. A lot of so called colon cleansing product actually are psyllium husk based! Some are mixed with all types of bean powder, so that the seller can mark up the price. 

Chronic dehydration effects all systems of the body. If a lack of sufficient fluids is a chronic situation, then chronic constipation will inevitably be the result. Chronic constipation can lead to other, more serious, bowel problems over time.

The body cannot really produce healthy stool if the colon is dehydrated, no matter how much fiber you take. In fact, the more fiber you add to a dehydrated colon, the more constipated you will likely become. 

Drinking more pure water and eating more fruits, more often, is one of nature's ways of dealing with colon congestion.

Now you should learn why "Death Begins In The Colon". Listen to me; throw away all the direct selling products that make you shit and slim before you end up calling 016-2559798 for help. I guarantee that I will charge you an exorbitant sum for solving your bowel problem. This is no direct selling or advertising, this is a disaster waiting to happen.  Who to blame? The government and you.

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