Saturday, March 28, 2009

Act of Fool

Long-lasting moderate rainfalls from begin of the year until now in Jakarta resulting in saturation of the soil may have increased the risk of lanslide. The misconception of stupid politicians in believing that only heavy rainfalls might cause landslide lead to complacent of the authorities. The current rainfalls in Peninsular Malaysia, already lasted for one whole month, show no signs of  abating. If my prediction is right, there will be continuous rainfalls for the next six months. Our politicians still can't decide what to do with hill slope projects. Hard core partisan supporters with their undivided and blind support make the situation worse.Believing with the solid backing of their supporters, our polititicians think that they have the absolute rights to fool with our nature without realising an immenent disaster is blooming. 
If a properly engineered dam can be bursted in such a situation, what make our politicians think that they will be spared of their wanton rape of our hill slopes by nature?

At Least 77 Killed in Indonesia Dam Burst
The death toll from a burst dam on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital rose to 77 Saturday, as rescue workers searched for more than 100 people still missing since a wall of water submerged their homes.
The earthen dam collapsed early Friday outside Jakarta after several hours of heavy rain. 

The collapse sent two million cubic meters of water crashing into homes, leaving hundreds of buildings underwater. 

Rescuers used rubber rafts to retrieve survivors, who compared the wave to a tsunami. The water was so high in some places that many people had climbed onto rooftops. 

Most residents were sleeping when the dam broke, giving them little chance to escape. 

Visiting the disaster area Friday, Indonesia's vice president Jusuf Kalla and welfare minister Aburizal Bakrie promised government support for those whose homes were destroyed. 

Indonesia often experiences deadly floods and landslides during the rainy season.

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